Seattle, Washington – Paying it forward

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I am a good friend of Cortney and also a volunteer with Make-A-Wish. I remember her talking about Mitchell and his wish and she was truly heart broken when she heard that Mitchell was no longer with us. She also told me about this wonderful day of celebration your family was organizing in loving memory of Mitchell. She inspired me to wear yellow last Saturday and to do something kind for someone else in honor of Mitchell. On Saturday, I purchased coffee for Dave, the gentleman behind me at Starbucks. He was surprised at first by my offer, but after I explained why I wanted to buy his coffee that day, he was touched and wanted to buy the coffees for both of us. I told him that this was MY act of kindness and that he could honor Mitchell by doing another act of kindness for someone else and he promised he would.

Thank you for organizing this special day to remember Mitchell and for giving me the opportunity to share Mitchell’s smile with a someone else. He is a true hero and his smiling legacy will continue for years to come.

Best wishes,

Janine L.

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