Seattle, Washington – Cheer up victim

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On Mitchell’s Day we were moving, but I made sure that everyone helping me was wearing yellow.

We took a break in the afternoon to go visit our local US Bank. Attached is a picture of Aaron holding the yellow smiley face balloon and flowers we brought him. This US Bank was robbed earlier in the week and the robber held up Aaron for all the money he had in his drawers. We thought it would be nice to bring this to Aaron to cheer him up a little after something so scary happened. He was so excited about getting the balloons and flowers, he couldn’t wait to tell all the customers that came in, why he had them.

That night we went out to dinner with my family for my birthday and I was very happy to see everyone wearing yellow.

What a great way to spread joy in the world! I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s stories!

Cortney B.

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