Salt Lake City, Utah – Cookie delivery

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The young women in our church ward had a smiley-cookie delivery night.  Girls and leaders wore yellow shirts. Although the bakery had instructions to make all 100 cookies using yellow frosting, apparently they were out of yellow that day and made groups of 20 cookies with 5 different colors.  We watched Mitchell’s Day youtube video and then got to work wrapping individual cookies in saran, cutting saran wrap, arranging cookies on plates for big groups, cutting out Mitchell’s Day notes and taping them on.  Our group of 12 split into two groups for delivery.  Some of the people to deliver to had been selected in advance and others were totally on the spur of the moment following the spirit.  The selected ones in advance included: several new moms, a few a older couples and the primary president.  There were several houses we went to on the spur of the moment and that turned out to be really neat: a single mom whose son just moved to his dad’s, a mom who’s husband was gone away for work for two plus weeks who needed a pick me up, a lady who just had a baby who I visited three years previous but didn’t know she was still in the area, a teenager who lives with a lot of people who felt very special by us coming to see just her, a girl who had sprained her ankle and her next door neighbors who just got done with a long day, an 11-year old girl’s birthday and we had enough cookies for the girls take one to their moms.

Everyone was really excited about the activity and were happy to share the love with others. It was fun to do and a great way to serve with smiles.

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