Pleasant Grove, Utah – Charity run in yellow

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As part of a charity event/ 5k run that my wife and kiddos ran in this morning, we donned our yellow garb in Mitchell’s honor.

This particular charity event “footsteps for fertility” brought out over a thousand runners each contributing a 35 dollar entry fee. All the money will go to raffle off 3 free IVF cycles to couples that have extreme challenges in proceating; in hopes they will be able to start a family though the miracle of modern science and IVF.

My wife’s neighbor along with my wife played more than a contributing role in helping to plan and coordinate the event- for a great cause.

As I’ve probably shared with some of you, our son was able to join our family in early April through the great work of Dr. Russell Foulke and the amazing staff at the Utah Fertility Clinic in Pleasant Grove- having gone through the IVF process. It goes without saying that my wife and I support this cause and I’m we’re happy that we could dedicate this experience to Mitchell’s day.

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