Navarre, Florida – Yard clean up for deployed serviceman

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A young family in our church had their dad get deployed unexpectedly to the Middle East this week.  Their dad had planned on doing a lot of work in the yard to get their home ready to sell.  The mom was a little overwhelmed with taking care of 5 little kids, getting ready to move and having her husband leave for an undetermined amount of time.  Our family showed up to their home where Abigail and Emma played with their kids and Maria was able help by giving the mom some adult conversation and a little sanity.  During this time, John and I were out side sprucing up the yard.  It was fun, but really hot down here in North West Florida (especially hot for a fire in the middle of the day).  We moved plants, chopped wood, raked leaves and then we had fun burning a lot of wood and leaves.  John and I spent a lot of time talking about why it was important to help others and that doing service always makes everyone smile…especially us.
Thanks for setting this day up where we could focus on others and honor Mitchell this way.
Marc, Maria, John, Abigail, Emma and Eliza C.

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