Lehi, Utah – Neighborhood clean up

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There were 10 of us that joined together to beautify our community by cleaning up trash in a public space in our neighborhood in Lehi, UT.

One of the last times I was able to see and talk to Mitchell was after our family pictures this summer. He was obviously uncomfortable, but I said to him, “we are all dressed in yellow tonight because we love you!” and he then gave me a great big Mitchell smile. As we headed down the street, on Mitchell’s Day, all dressed in yellow I had no doubt he was once again smiling at us. That thought made it so easy to keep a smile on our faces that day. Even our children, who could have easily complained about such a long walk on a hot day, were happy because they knew were doing something to make Mitchell happy as we shared his smile that day!  We’re looking forward to Michelle’s Day next year, but will remember him and try to be more like him every day until then.

Jacob held an umbrella to give his baby sister some shade. He smiled with all his might and he felt good!

Jared and Melissa J. and family

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