Boise, Idaho – Helping car on side of road

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My service today was simple but I had been praying all day on Saturday that the Lord would bring me an opportunity to serve in remembrance of Mitchell. The Lord is faithful and did provide me an opportunity literally right in front of me. I was getting off of the freeway and there was a car with a young girl with her hazard lights on stopped in the middle of the road, on an everyday basis I would usually have my son in the car, or be in a hurry to get somewhere but at this time I was alone, and not in a hurry to go anywhere so I stopped, got out and ran to her car and asked her if she needed anything, she said she was fine and someone was getting her gas since she had ran out. When I was pulling over I thought to myself how I usually would never do this, but I thought about Mitchell and your family and the strength you have had to fight such a life altering experience and it gave me the strength to run out and help this young girl.

Alex A.

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