September 2, 2013 is the second annual Mitchell’s Day.
Mitchell’s Day is a special day dedicated to service in honor of Mitchell. Individuals, families, and groups of all ages and walks of life are invited to participate in performing service, both big projects and small acts. Just wear yellow and a smile and be a part of something wonderful.

About Mitchell

Mitchell Hatfield is a very special little boy. From the first, all those who met him could feel the joy and happiness radiating from him. His strength and presence became especially clear as he endured two and a half years of living with cancer.

Wherever we went those who met Mitchell fell in love with his silly, playful personality, and especially his smile. Mitchell had every side effect/illness a child with cancer can go through and yet he always found a way to smile and bring joy to those around him.

This simple act of service exemplifies who Mitchell is and the light he brought into this world. We continue to have people ask how they can help, and as we have prayed, we feel strongly that the best way to honor Mitchell is to serve another.

There are many children who have been lost to cancer and other diseases and we choose to honor them as we share their light with others by bringing joy and happiness into this world. Service changes the hearts of both those who serve and those who are served.

Service is LOVE in ACTION. Please join us as we honor Mitchell by making this world a better place because he was here! SHARE MITCHELL’S SMILE!

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